Detroit Corridor Initiative



Campaign awareness project to highlight the stewardship of $100 million grant to the city of Detroit from JPMorgan Chase.


Developed brand awareness video spotlighting key development projects within the strategically chosen Metro Detroit corridors. A corresponding landing page was created to provide an overview of the tools, partners, completed successful products, compiled research and related programs.


Total impressions across Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn reached 5,911,247 within the four week campaign. Placements included,, the,, and more.

Branded Production of Videos

Marketing strategy included the production of a six-minute video showcasing the breadth and details of the Detroit Corridor Initiative for targeted audiences including investors, developers and potential partners, entitled “The Building Blocks to Inclusive Growth.” Footage included completed corridor development projects, interviews with key personnel involved in stewarding funds and several development company leaders.

Two additional fifteen-second videos were produced as teaser trailers to engage early audience anticipation.